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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.

Same I got that

Has anyone noticed that the extra volume mode has been removed in pie too. I used to use that feature all of the time on oreo


Screenshot_20190313-041416_Software update.jpgI got the official update for cbs9 last night SMG960F


Screenshot_20190313-041354_Software update.jpg


Screenshot_20190313-041400_Software update.jpg



It's totally ***** I wish I hadn't bloody installed it now... it doesn't tell you beforehand that it will totally change your phone and make it look at feel like a ***** iPhone... I want an option to reinstall my old system. This one sucks massively....

Same here, this update sucks. Have you noticed you cant add wallpaper to any of the messenger apps... boring greys blacks and other pointless changes....
Are we able to roll back to previous firmware?

Will swap you all. No up date yet for me on s9

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Same here, no update since Dec 27th, despite being unlocked and direct from Samsung. Been running the beta from the outset but lack of NFC payment is becoming a real pita.

There doesn't  seem to be any logic in the way Samsung release updates. My old S8 has had a Pie update and today got another with the March security patch.

Better than my unlocked S9+!!


Please bring back the "dot" to hide navbar as the newer gesture festure there is a massive gap when the keyboard is pulled. This is waste of space.




Please bring back the dot to hide navbar or reduce the empty space below the keyboard.

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