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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.


My patch level before one ui was 1st December. Strange  


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Has anyone reported any issues with WiFi since the UI update? I'm finding since my phone updated, despite being connected to WiFi (and sat almost next to the router) it's quite laggy, media takes a while to load. I don't think it's the WiFi, ran some tests and it seems to be just on the phone

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Hi there. I've downloaded the latest updated but big issue - the WPS button from the WIFI menu has completely disappeared!!!! As a result I can't connect to my wireless repeater nor other things using WPS. Can anybody help?!

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To Whybes, i have Samsung S9 plus and I had a similar problem, my internet this very fast and every few minutes my Internet stopped for few seconds and was lag, to solve the problem i reset my router to factory reset, after i done that all back to normal on my phone.
Only takes a few minutes (If you have smart router!) to do this and it worked for me.
I'm not a technician.
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Hi Samsung! Any chance I could take back the update? Mines updated a few days ago and Im stuck coz a lot of my time based widgets are no longer working. I have to open each app then go back to the home screen just to have them rework. This happens every time. Im also having trouble navigating the camera with the video and camera button now difficult to switch. I have other else in mind but these two are the most annoying.






How stupid they need to be to do such an *****ic thing! Most valuable feature os S9 - camera pro mode is not available anymore becuase morons didn't put a record button on it


I mean.... seriously how are you  not embarrassed?


I ran Snoopsnitch to see if I had missed any patches but it came back clean. Any further thoughts on the issue?

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I've had the S9 since it was released and for some reason I'm still on the March security patch, whenever I try and update the updater says my phone is up to date (both OTA and via Smartswitch). 

I got my phone from O2, it's currently on Android 8.0 / Samsung Experience 9 (see screenshots) - is something going wrong here? I also have an Sony XZ premium which constantly receives updates.




IMAGE 2019-02-19 22_59_44.jpgIMAGE 2019-02-19 22_59_48.jpgIMAGE 2019-02-19 22_59_46.jpg




So this says there another update this month Screenshot_20190220-145259_Samsung Members.jpgSo this says there s another update this month


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Can anyone tell me why I still can't get the update? I bought my S9+ (SM-G965F) from I live in the UK and use Plusnet (reseller of EE). My phone should be unlocked?


This is what mine currently shows.


Screenshot_20190224-100923_Software update.jpg


Thank you 

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