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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.

I hope Samsung not delaye to Feb this update for UK

I don't know whether it's just me but.. I am getting very impatient with this update now!


I have been following this Pie update since it was confirmed it was coming out


I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 UK - I want it nowwwwwwwwww

I'm with you on this one Lyndsay, though I'm getting less impatient as I have it in my mind that it won't be anytime this week (Samsung are welcome to prove me wrong )

It's because of Brexit - I'm telling you!


May and Samsung are working together! No deal no pie!


OK - You both have made me chuckle


I'm glad i'm not the only one being impatient


Why does everywhere else get it but UK have to wait? I'm sure we bring a lot of money in for Samsung by far compared to most so why do WE have to wait...? Huff :(


Samsung Members new version is out... maybe it is a sign !! 

XD Sadly not. Latest update only makes the app more usable for device on Android Pie already



Nothing has come up on my phone


I'm in work currently - so going to get told off!!! but... N-F-G!


I want my update!! haha

Samsung members update is for S8 Pie Beta I believe:

As for why the UK has to wait longer - its possible they have an issue with some UK/Ireland specific apps / services.

I posted today the ***** link 8 times or 9 times done mine and y love it  fallow the steps and in maximum  30 min it's done  I was pised  aswel had from s5 to s9+ and never get the updates Screenshot_20190116-111225_Settings.jpg


Screenshot_20190116-111240_Samsung Experience Home.jpg


Screenshot_20190116-111102_Samsung Experience Home.jpg


Screenshot_20190116-111110_Samsung Experience Home.jpg


Screenshot_20190116-111148_Samsung Experience Service.jpg






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