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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.

yes i installed

Screenshot_20190124-105809_Software update.jpg

 Just received the update! Finally!! 02-UK



@matthewredgrave wrote:

I tried smart switch with no luck

If you want me to assist you I need details. Which Samsung do you have? S9 or s9+?  I also need to see all the files you downloaded

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Anyone on a BRK2 Model got it yet? Unlocked
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Still no update, been 2 days now, I have an s9 plus bought in the uk and it's unlocked.

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Feel my pain, I'm waiting on Ireland MET. I should have Pie around July.


Has anyone locked on EE got the update yet 😴😴😴😴

I am on EE, locked and no update yet.
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I like to comment about new update Android Pie for Samsung S9 Plus after i have installed two days ago.
I received two days ago update Android Pie for my S9 Plus and after update to android Pie Bixby give me wrong information about Weather every time and some times Bixby crashes and i have to restart the phone because i can't do anything, even the bottom to switch the phone off on the right side of the phone refuses to work because Bixby block everything. I have I tried to clear catch and data on application Bixby and weather application that comes with the phone to see if i reset everything works but still the same, before updating to android Pie everything was working perfectly (Android 8).
I'm sad now because i have one nice phone and some things don't work well.
I have send the report log to Samsung and I'm waiting for replay if I'm going to get anyway!.
I'm very sad 😔
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Anyone have issues with battery after the pie update? Noticed lost 5 percent in 30 mins with very little use. Is this normal?

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