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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.

Even i put simple wallpaper still not works so how to find out solution
When you installed the new update did you restore and install or just installed , I just installed and it messed up , but I done a factory restore and it fixed my problems straight away but try clear your cache aswell

I jus intalled straightway no did any back up. So i need to restored and take bake up then try to install again. Its this works. 


If you're just facing only the issue with night mode, all you need to do is use the default theme. Once you do that, you can use night mode normally
How to clear the chace .
Yes sammy its resolve now. Thanks alot.
Even samsung support team cant find the solution.
Superuser I
Superuser I

@MrZed wrote:

How can Samsung call this a final release? I was on the Beta and there are SO many issues / unfinished changes, many not for the better.


- loss of zoom controls via volume buttons in the camera 

- no automatic sunset / sunrise setting for night mode, despite some publicity shots featuring this option 

- severe DOWNGRADE of the Internet Browser  with loss of the pop up player and video assistant 

- no status bar display (on the home screen page), showing that battery saving power mode is on

- replacing the dedicated video record (red circle) toggle  instead of this being another mode. A number of forum users asked for this. 


Can't recall the others  but I'm sure you'll discover them ... 

I must assume most of the Beta Testers sent feedback about their experiences with Samsung One Ui Beta which they should have tested themselves and acted upon.


Releasing a major new firmware before the bugs have been ironed out could have a recipe for disaster for Samsung as the backlash would be tremendous.



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Sigh, I still have not gotten the update. Screenshot_20190123-064829_Software update.jpg



Neither have I.. it's getting annoying now


@Thebigyin wrote:

Neither have I.. it's getting annoying now

I dont until I had de-regisstered from  beta program and then flash back to oreo with smartswitch 

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