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One UI/Pie Release: UK & Ireland.

I don't think it's a date, I think it's just the version number and it just so happens to be 01.31

Guys I'm going to bed now but I can smell some pie in the air!! I reckon it's coming tomorrow... UK updates usually get released mid week and I've even noticed a pattern of it between 9 and 10am... So I'll see you on here then!! 

You live in dream no update tomorrow you'll see
Always hope but probably unlikely. Reckon it'll either be next week or the final week of January.

Night I hope so, I really want this update 

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Lets just hope this frikin update is tomorrow!


Apprentice don't bother yourself checking for updates just install it manually
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Superuser I

@claustile2589 wrote: don't bother yourself checking for updates just install it manually

Thanks but I'll be waiting for the official update via the update section in my phone.


Anyone tempted to download this via other avenues need to know about the pros and cons of doing so and go down that route at your own informed decision.




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 Good Morning Peeps!


Looks like another dollop of Pies again! not a sniff for us westerners though!



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I don't trust anyone who spams a forum constantly with the same link.

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