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I would really like to see new animations for gesture control ecspecially when going home. In general the App opening and closing Animation does not look pleasing to my eyes at all. 


Update on O2. Not noticing much change other than I had to change my theme (which I loved) as calendar and contacts were illegible (white text on a white background), which didn’t impress me one bit. Did someone say there was a dark mode? I can’t find it.


/edit - found it, but it doesn't work with themes.


Personally I wish I haden't 'updated' (I use that word loosely)


Email won't theme in One UI. It's Samsung new rules, the same has the free themes only available for 14 days. You use a dark theme from the store and the email is light (default) themeScreenshot_20190128-171837_Email.jpg



Anyone having problems with PIP on YouTube when going to the app switcher menu?

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I've posted elsewhere but I'll pop a post here too.



Is anyone using a Note 9 Hybrid version with x2 sim cards in it and updated to Samsung One Ui.


On oreo a box used to encase the signal option I was using in my status bar and as of now the box has disappeared.


Also on opening up multitasking I could have a list view and now it's only a card view - is this changeable?



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Having just received the update last night, I'm disappointed that camera modes have moved to the bottom of the screen, the ability to take video without specifically selecting the video mode and the ability to zoom by moving the shutter button to the left or right has been removed. I found it really useful rather than having to pinch etc.


@Bradleigh wrote:

Screenshot_20181120-162912_Samsung Experience Home.jpgScreenshot_20181121-134037_Settings.jpgScreenshot_20181120-162830_Phone.jpg

today, Samsung made available an Android Pie-based One UI beta for the U.S. unlocked Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+. It has been available for the Exynos Galaxy Note 8 model since January 15th in Korea and India and sign-ups opened for the Galaxy S8 earlier this month. Before that, it was in closed beta at the end of December. If you’ve been living under a rock, One UI is basically the newest version of Samsung Experiencesoftware with some major improvements (we’ve gone over it in-depth). First of all, it is completely focused on full-screen smartphones—those with little or no bezel at all. Headings and more irrelevant stuff take up most of the space on the top of the screen. The navigation and other interactive elements are placed on the bottom for a simplified one-handed experience.

all i want is that they fix the pro video mode
that function is missed on ONE UI
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4th point occurs in WhatsApp too.
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I don't like things so fluid and fragile as in this ui can someone please suggest a way to get something sharper old one may be?thanks in advance
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