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One UI Feedback

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Is it just me or is the new multi-window worse than Oreo's too?
I now have to search to find an app I want. I want the 'App List' button back!
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the rounded corner of notification preview from lockscreen and homescreen looks ugly and amateurish too. It is to big, need a option to choose the corner radius.

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The notifications are now garbage for the galaxy. They appear minimized and I don't receive a pop up. Alexa notifications are minimized and there is no way to fix it. I randomly have to pull the bar down to notice I have a notification. How could this have been overlooked? 

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Not a big fan of new looks, still getting used to this UI. What I dislike most is camera app and in particular the new way to start a video. I don't like that I have to switch to video mode to start a video. This is moment loosing and time wasting gesture. Put the REC button back besides shutter button in normal picture mode. Thank you.
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Since the update I have some troubles:

- battery is down so quickly... discharging sooo fast.

- I can't see the message I receive in the top display... I don't know why ! SMS, WhatsApp...


Help !


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The one main bug that I've noticed that never has seemed to work correctly is the stock Samsung messaging app. I don't know that I ever used the stock messaging app cause I've always had issues with it, although I figured I'd try out on one UI. 

- Main issue is in group messaging. It's not very reliable and I recently found out I was missing messages within my main group text. When messages are sent from certain people, it gets sent separately with a download icon. When you tap the download icon it errors out and says message not found. I happen to know they have a Google pixel phone and the messages that came through were from a Samsung Galaxy phone. I've noticed a similar issue before I received the one UI update so I've always used Google messages instead. I like the layout of the standard messaging app now I just wish it was more reliable.


I'm sure it's been said many times before, but the icons are awful as is the navigation buttons. I'd love to have the icon set and navigation look and feel of Oreo. 


Just downloaded yesterday on S9. I note that there is no bookmark shortcut in Samsung Internet. You have to click on the three bars to take you to the bookmarks page. Is there a way to add a shortcut to the Internet screen?



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The latest update of my Samsung Galaxy S8 is a bit of a let down...


The keyboard is huge (covering half my screen now), I cannot seem to find "Photo Editor Pro anymore", the icons in the drop down menu look cheap and are no longer similar to my Samsung Theme. 

I cannot get rid of a notification on "accessibility: mono sound is enabled" and I'm missing the easy access to my favourite photos as well as to the camera in the Gallery. 


The one thing I've noticed to be new and which I do like is the Recycle Bin in the the Gallery. Thanks for this.


@Samsung, can any of these things mentioned above be changed again?


Kind regards


It appears that the AOD clock style showing scheduled all day events from Calendar shows tomorrow's events too with no way of differentiating which are today's and which are tomorrow's.

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