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One UI Feedback

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Also, the change in the multi window button, to which before I could very quickly go to another screen or close one particular app, is very awkward... Moreover, it doesn't work properly when screen is rotated. Please bring the previous feature back!!! 

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So sad they moved the clock to the wrong side

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Motion panorama has been discontinued unfortunately...

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I just updated to ui one on tmobile usa note 9 and recent apps no longer have list view 


If you download goodlock then quick panel star once in the app then you can change where it goes.Screenshot_20190310-194014_QuickStar.jpg




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But how come it doesn't????

The Note 9 is advertised to be able to shoot 4K at 60 FPS, and back in Oreo + Experience 9.5 I could shoot at 60 FPS in 4K!


Feedback.... yes it's all ***** the worst update EVER!!!! I didnt ask for my phone to changed  I want to revert back to how it was before. I was a happy Samsung note 8 bunny now I'm a Samsung serial killer I canr stand it... did I somewhere when buying a Samsung ask for you to make it look as cheap and ***** as a iPhone? No I didnt. All I ask is to roll back to previous update and in future be forewarned with pics too of any major changes. I wont be buying a note 10 now but maybe the heawui...

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I absolutely hate this ui it looks like you said to a 1 year old "here design us a new ui" and you followed through with it, please please please take me back to the previous update I loved it so much it was so beautiful and amazing, this is just horrific I can't stand it, so please change it back please 

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Ok, I love the new update ... mostly.  Especially the shortcuts of recent apps at the bottom.  The issue I have is that when you click on it you see the apps and then they get updated and moved around ... this bothers meeeee.  When I see the recent apps and click on the one I want .. it moves and I end up clicking on the wrong one and launching it.  Why can't the recent app list get updated prior to me click the button so it is ready, updated, and accurate so when I click it     it is lists the recent apps accurately.  I know it looks cooler moving them around ... but it is not efficient.  Get this fixed.

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So my samsung galaxy s8 plus updated to the new pie i was excited but i absolutely hate it. I thought it was suppose to be more customizable but it doesnt have anything that Oreo had. I mean you cant even change chat bubbles on messenger, schedule a message to be sent at a certain time. I mean this is horrible and I wish I knew how to reinstall Oreo an get rid of this dump. I love my S8+ but im literally thinking about buying a new phone with Oreo. So please fix this. I hate how to messenger layout with that big bulky half screen that says Messages. Worst software layout that samsung ever came out with. 

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