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One UI Feedback

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Give back the option to hide the navigation bar, please. The gesture feature is horrible.

Move clock back to right side and give us hide navigation bar feature back. Change those 2 and successful update.


Honestly I love the new changes, everything is better than before. I don't want to criticise Samsung as I am sure they will fix all the bugs soon.
I only have one issue which, I feel is a security issue as well. Earlier Samsung had list view for recent apps but that's removed in One UI so now my banking apps and locked apps show previews of confidential information in recent apps. Please fix this as soon as possible.

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I just want to second or upvote my disappointment with the email not being themed.  It's extremely jarring with dark themes.  I'm struggling with what email client to use instead, but I will NOT use the Samsung email app now - and I have for many years.  

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I recently updated to One UI and I have several issues with some native features.

Screenshot_20190216-052056_Smart View.jpgWill not find a device.


20190221_011801.jpgCalling account open with options not showing


Calling Account:

1. I have SIP account set up on my device. Previously I could choose calling method and choose how I would like to call when making a call, whether it was with my SIP account or my SIM card. Now I only get a small window Saying 'Open With' but does not give me the options to choose any option. I am forced to go back into settings and manually select which way to make the call and then make the call again.

2. The SmartView app now shows 2 options: TV to Device (Mobile)
Device to TV (Mobile)

Device to TV works fine. I have a ue55nu7021. However, when I choose TV to Device, no options appear. I have made sure all softwares on both devices are up to date and both are connected to the same wifi so please do not give me any of your generic answers trying to simplify the issue.

It is worth noting that TV to device is new to the app. Before there was only device to TV.



Updated to One UI on my S9+.

Everything is fine except for the clock.

Its annoying that I cannot have my status bar clock include seconds. This by far is biggest disappointment for me. 

I have tried using system UI tuner but that also not working for this.

If anyone have any solution, plz let me know.


@Hamid_O wrote:

So, I have my back and recents buttons and indicators hidden and I use the swipe gestures. When I'm using the keyboard, it doesn't go all the way down to the bottom of the screen like in the picture attached. It's just replaced by an empty block of space. 

For one, it's comfort, like @Scooter89 said; but it's also for functionality. Try Gboard and it doesn't have the same empty space at the bottom - and if you're typing fast (like I always do), you've a good chance of triggering the navigation gestures, since they're system-wide and supposed to be available from everywhere.


@Pradyuman wrote:

I only have one issue which, I feel is a security issue as well. Earlier Samsung had list view for recent apps but that's removed in One UI so now my banking apps and locked apps show previews of confidential information in recent apps. Please fix this as soon as possible.

Honestly can't help agreeing with this too. I could overlook the fact that Pie's default horizontal cards view is not exactly productive, but this side-effect definitely doesn't sit well with me either. List view didn't only put a lot more apps on the screen at once to switch between, but it also nicely hid actual app content. Which just can't be done anymore - for no good reason.


The list view was aeesome and I wish it was back on One UI. Still outstanding issues with one UI:


SmartThings still cannot detect my external recording microphone.

YouTube PIP still does not work when switching apps. 


What's taking these guys so long?


I absolutely hate the new update. It is TOO Apple-y in my opinion (this being the most annoying part for me on top of a couple other things).

First thing that bugged me was that the time on my notification bar, even though it is in the 12 hour format (rather than 24), it doesn't show the AM or PM - although this is just a minor complaint for me. (I did prefer it on the right side next to the battery icon, though.)

Also, I do not like the "previously opened apps" button where you could scroll through and close out apps quickly. This looks too similar to Apple.

Some basic features makes it seems like my phone assumes I'm stupid or blind because the headers take up so much space. For example, in my text messages, the word "Messages" takes up half my screen and have to scroll down to even look at my conversations, even though I have a few pinned already.

The camera is the thing that ultimately irritated me as well. This looks almost exactly like Apple's camera layout and I HATE it. I LOVED the old format for the camera where you had the camera button to take pictures, then the video/record button right next to it. I loved this format because when i quickly swipe open the camera when something is happening that I want to take a picture of AND record, I can just move my thumb a centimeter between the two buttons. However, now I have to swipe to find the option of a shot that I want. If I wanted the video to be in slow motion, I'd find the option for it.

I also disliked that the update changed a few things on my phone, aesthetic-wise, such as the format of my lock screen clock, the format of the theme that I had on my phone, the fact that I no longer have the brightness adjustment on the first swipe down on my notification panel, my default emoji keyboard is on my recently used emojis rather than the first set of face emojis, etc. But those are minor details that I could just get used to, fix, or change.

I will say I like a few of the updates, so it's not all bad. To throw in some positives in this post, I will say I do like the updates associated with the Always on Display.

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