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One UI Camera shutter speed

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In the previous Camera app, in pro Mode there was an option to set the shutter speed. What happened to that option? It was great for really dark occasions.


Is there a workaround or something? Preferably not having to install another camera app? 

Superuser I
Superuser I

It is together with aperture



Before the update in PRO mode you coul set manual shutter speed while leaaving ISO set to auto. Now in OneUI when you want to set shutter speed you have to also set ISO - the button Auto under ISO is greyed out. New Camera App is horrible. In video mode you cannot set anything ISO, shutter speed or manual focus. This is horrible. After 4 months Samsung apologizes for the inconvenience and confirms they have no plans to bring this back! The difference between IPhone and Samsung is that iPhone let's 3rd party apps have full access to Camera Hardware which is not the case for Samsung. I will never ever buy Samsung phone again. #DegradedCamera #DoWhatyouCantInPieAnymore
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