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OTA updates not Receiving for s9 Plus

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I had purchased my s9+ from Bahrain in June 2018, and in September 2018 I came back to Pakistan. Since September 2018, i am not receving any monthly security patch and even pie updates on my phone.

I tried to check through smart switch but of no use. Kindly guide me what's the issue and how to get it resolved.

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I'm having the same problem .. i updated my s9+ to android pie using odin because i didn't want to wait for OTA update and now i no longer receive my monthly patches .. i tried the smart switch pc app but no luck .. I'd like to know if you get any luck with fixing this problem.

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Hello Hisham,

I was also curious to get my hands on pie update, so I decided to pay a visit to samsung centre, they updated it through their system and charged me some money. I did this upgarde process in January 2019 and and in the next month, I received february security patch on 27th. Now waiting for March security patch, fingers crossed, lets see if I receive it or same like before. Hope I will get it too monthly like i had received in February.

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Its the start of may i have s9 plus FD model and still not received pie update yet 

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Hello umair 

I am also having the same problem can u please tell me the procedure.

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Hello Zain,

Just visit your nearest samsung service centre in your region, tell them to update your phone software to Pie.  They charged me 2000 PKR for update and since then, I am reguraly getting security patches every month or any new update, its on my phone.

Cheers (Y)

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Are you still getting the july updates bro just to be sure

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Yes, receiving all ota updates. 

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