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Notifications to loud. Cant turn down.

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My s9 plus notifications too loud even when turned down. 

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Superuser I

You can adjust the volume of the notifications by pressing a volume key and following these steps:

Screenshot_20180905-134445_Samsung Experience Home.jpg


Screenshot_20180905-134523_Samsung Experience Home.jpg


I hope this helps 😁



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Hello my friend. I have done that,but it keeps coming really loud,not all the time,but sometimes its very loud,even got volume assistant app,and that don't work .can someone help. 

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Superuser I
Sorry to hear that it doesn't help, the Volume Assistant App might be conflicting with the Samsung experience, can you try removing it?

Perhaps unrelated but did you know that its possible to disable/mute notifications for specefic apps? In that case only the most important notifications will make a sound
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Sorry for resurrecting an old post but I'm having this issue with my s10. Volume sliders are as low as possible but the notification sound can be heard on the moon.

Did you ever find a solution to this? 

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I have the same issue on my S9. Started a few weeks back. I have disabled nearly every notification as they were driving me nuts with the high volume. Nothing I change seems to help get them back to normal.

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