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Notifications & Lock screen


I keep having two notifications showing at the top of my screen which I would like to remove. 


"Software update" - I do not wish to install this update, please advise how I can remove this notification? 


"Samsung Notes - Couldn't sync notes" - I do not wish to sync my notes to the Samsung cloud - please let me know how to change this setting. 


On both of these issues I have been into the specific app & notification settings BUT CANNOT FIND THE SOLUTION. 


Please could you provide the exact specific steps I need to solve these issues? 




I have a pattern lock on my S9 plus. 

When the phone is locked/asleep it takes three steps to wake it & operate it. 

1. I first have to press the power button for the screen to come on. 

2. Then swipe the screen (normally more than once). 

3. Then enter my pattern. 

This is a cumbersome process to repeat every time! Could you please tell me how I can simply touch the screen to enter my pattern & unlock it in one step? 


Thank you I look forward to hearing from you.

AndrewL Moderator
@samquest: Let's have a look at this shall we.
1. To avoid update notifications, please turn off Automatic Updates by going to Settings > Software Update > Auto Download Over WiFi > Off. This should stop reminders popping up and leave you to apply the update manually should you wish to.
2. To stop the phone trying to Sync your Samsung Notes data to the cloud please go to Settings > Accounts and Backup > Samsung Cloud > Other Synced Data > Samsung Notes > Sync On (flip the switch to the left so it greys out and disables)
3. For quicker access to your phone when it's locked you might want to activate a Fingerprint via Biometrics and Security, keeping your phone secure while allowing you to unlock the phone with a bit less effort. I hope this helps.

Thank you,


I previously had a fingerprint access, but this still requires picking up the phone to place my finger on the scanner at the rear of the device.


If I am working at my desk and frequently wish to use my device whilst its placed on my desk it's inconvenient to lift it up and scan every time/or have to press the power button.


I heard you can double tap to wake the screen, but cannot see this option in my settings.

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