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Note 8 Camera missing Pro Mode Video


Note 8 with the latest update Android Pi with one UI - camera app is nothing the record button for videos in Pro Mode. 

I registered for the beta and have been noticing this and even reported this.

Same with a few websites and blogs reporting this. 


Instead of fixing the actual issue Samsung has corrected the description of the Pro Mode and video mode text. See image attached.


Earlier these texts  indeed  mentioned 

Pro Mode: " Take Control of your pictures and videos......"

 UnfirUnfortun I don't have the screenshot for that. 



Superuser I
Superuser I

There has been a few similar posts regarding this @pradeepprakash 


I really would suggest to use the Samsung Members app  / Samsung + App to send your feedback even if you did this while in Beta to push home what you and others miss and need from the Pro feature. 



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