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Not connecting to mobile data S9

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I'm not sure what monthly update you're referring to as the last update showing on my phone was Feb. 1, 2019 and you're referring to a monthly. Also, this update was a Samsung and not an At&t.  Under software information there's a lot so what am I looking for in update info. The update on 2/1 was a security patch which I don't thing would impact my situation. I bought the phone through Best Buy and is a locked At&t phone and haven't seen any At&t updates. New phones were profided by Best Buy as I bought the insurance through them.

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I had an update on Sunday and since then I've had volte enabled but no 4g. I can't connect to Mobile data at all and I also have no ability to turn volte off on my galaxy s9. Great job Google/Samsung 🙄

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I've had 4 Samsung phones to replace the onces not connecting to 4g from wifi... Upon the last one not working I'm getting rid of the phone and will not buy a Samsung product again as they have been useless in helping me solve this problem and from what I can see others having this problem too. I never thought I'd go to a Iphone but because of Samsung's inability to solve the problem I'm going to do so. I must say also that the phone was bought through Best Buy and they had no interest in helping me with the problem even though I had a 2 year sevice contract which them which I will have to eat that cost. 


I have been facing issues with Mobile data with Samsung S9 plus and my network provider is three.
Three has given up on this and they are unable to solve the issue. I have tried all ways, changed the slot, switched off the VOLTE Calls as well, still no joy!

The software update didn't help at all.
Could someone help me with this please as this is very troublesome and I can't access anything in my phone without Mobile data.

Could anyone help please?

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Frankly I don't think you can be helped as it's what I believe to be a Samsung problem which they are ignoring as it doesn't happen on all of their phones so they don't care. You have a different carrier than I do meaning it's most likely the phone. I've begged and pleaded and have recieved in 6 months 4 replacement phones all of which do the same thing and have gone through all the updates both At&t as well as Samsungs without it causing a problem. I cannot be without the phone which I've have been for 6 months as my wife is quite ill. Thus, taking a significant loss and switching to an Iphone which is something I thought I'd never do. I bought my phone through At&t and they've been unable to help either but they are replacing the phone with an Iphone. I spent hours with At&t service people all saying they'd take the problem right to the top to solve the problem but never heard back from them so posted on the At&t site what a piece of junk the Samsung S9+ is and it is to me. Top service people are crawling out of the wood work emailing me tell me they can solve the problem and want all the information. Where were they when I was asking for their help. Frankly, no where so Samsung lost a customer and At&t may loss one too as it's disturbing now losing the money I'm loosing having to change to a different manufacuturer. If your problem gets solved, great but I'm doubting fully it will. Good luck...

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