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This new update is terrible. Everything change very bad... navigation bar cant be off while using some apps... ITA IRRITAITING. NOTHING CHANGE INNTO GOOD WAY. If you think the same just comment it and maybe they will do somth to came back with old one version.

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I've never seen an update so terrible in my life. It is like someone was intentionally paid to destroy the GUI. It is becoming more like iPhone interface.


Agreed both - I also hate the new iPhone look....Samsung have intentionally wrecked our phones, to make us ditch Android and move to iPhone.  It's a big conspiracy.


Well - probably not actually.  But after spending 9 months showing off my S9+ - I now hide it.


Agreed its absolutely shocking  I'm foaming. Its spoilt my phone. Why can't providers leave stuff alone or at least give you the choice to roll back... not buying another Samsung now until it's fixed.....

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