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New update 8.0 1st oct

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Since the new update all apps crashing on phone even after clearing cache and force stopping .


Any ideas how to fix thanks 

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Superuser I
Sorry to hear that the crashes keep coming. What you might try to do is reboot your phone. If that doesn't work I would factory reset it (Considering all the apps are crashing). If that doesn't work I suppose that there might be an issue in your flash, a Samsung partner (Or a store operated by Samsung) can flash your phone again.

You can find locations here:
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Thanks will give your advice a go and see how hi get on thanks again 

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Superuser I
No problem, I hope that you are up and running soonish. Nothing is worse than the whole phone not working properly.
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Superuser I

Is this "all" your apps or some of them ?


You may have some pending app updates in your playstore and or let the relevant app developers know you have a bug. 


If the update was flawed then I'd expect to see many more posts here and elsewhere if it was a widespread problem. 


If you do factory reset then please back up beforehand and remove any applicable Sd Card. 


A Samsung Service Centre can run a diagnostic on the phone if needed. 


I wish you all the best with this as I appreciate having a phone with stability issues is frustrating to say the least. 



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