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New samsung s9 update

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My calender doesn't show days and my apps haven't updated at all this is what my calender looks like Screenshot_20190213-162902_Calendar.jpg


ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Baggo10.


Do you have a theme in place on your phone? Is so, could you try reverting back to the standard theme to see if your Calendar changes?

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Hi thanks for your reply I have sorted it now,I ended up ringing Samsung thank you 



my calendar app is going through the exact same thing (no numbers / faint writing)  and I've had to download another calendar app to go about day to day for now, did they advise you do something manually by any chance or would I have to call them myself? 

Glad yours is fixed  

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When I rang i at to download this app which allowed them to take over my phone and sort it out, I didn't take to much notice off what they were doing so apologies for that I cant help you there,it didn't take them long at all




I had the same issue : white letters on a white background.

It was because of my theme. I was able to find an update for my theme, and the issue has been fixed ! So if you are lucky (and you remember the name of your theme) you can also find an update for your theme. Then you will not need to choose another calendar app/ agenda app. 

If there is no update available for your theme (yet) you can choose another theme.

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