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New samsung s9 any good tips

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Just got my S9 a day ago finding it good does the phone to anything I might not know about any good tips welcome 😊

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Hello @Alec77M


This thread may help > Galaxy-S9-S9/Make-the-most-of-your-Galaxy-S9-S9-some-tips.

Some general tips from me is to invest in a case or bumper and a screen protector as these phones are slippery to hold. 

DONT let the battery drop below 15% and charge it by regularly topping up the battery. 


There are lots of themes to use to change up your phone and different launchers such as Nova Prime etc. 


Go through the settings in your phone carefully to tweak it to your own preferences. 


Most of all my top tip is to turn off the Battery % sign in the phones status bar and enjoy your phone. 



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Thank you appreciate your help
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