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New Update - Calendar Issues

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Just updated my phone, went into my trusty calendar and discovered that all of My Tasks have disappeared! I literally plan my life in this thing and had tasks scheduled in for the next few months. 

Any chance of getting them back? Have they been migrated elsewhere? Please say yes!

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Good-ish news. My Tasks have landed in Reminders. Took a minute to populate. Not keen on not being able to associate them with dates anymore. Will have to explore further and adapt. 

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Reminders in the same app or a different one?

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Mine too. And i cant find them anywhere in calendar or reminder. Im so f@$ked. All my task gone  


My calendar doesn't even show the correct date anymore on my home screen.  It's stuck on March 27th...which isn't even here yet!!!!

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Same thing happened in US. Really frustrating!

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I am so furious. Same thing happened to me. Why do they always have to keep changing things that work just fine. I rely heavily on the separation of mytasks and myevents in my calendar and I am ticked off I can't find my tasks anywhere. Fix this Samsung!!

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It's very frustrating - I feel the same way. I found my old calendat tasks under the separate Samsung app - Reminders.  It's still a mess trying to sort them out - and annoying to add tasks into my calendar from a different app - but at least they weren't totally lost. Definitely a convenience downgrade. 

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I am so angry they have disappeared too. I really hope Samsung are able to add an update and bring them back. 

I'm at a loss of what's on my list as I plan ahead based on due dates etc. 


It's really f!%@$ annoying!! My whole life is planned into that calendar.

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