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My phone calls people on its own

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Ever since the last update, my phone calls people on its own. I have never "butt dial" people with this phone. After the last update, I've had numerous times where I've "butt dialed" people. It's been driving me crazy! I noticed that the people who were being called, I had texted previous to the call & I thought that I was accidentally hitting the "call" button. But, I wasn't. By accident, I found out that my phone was calling the people I just texted. During our snow storm, I noticed that my picture texts weren't sending if I turned the screen off before it was completed. So, I texted a photo, put the phone down with the screen on, and was walking away. I was looking at it & all of a sudden, it started calling the person I texted. Now, I have to make sure I close out the message app every single time! How do I fix this?

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Did you get any response on this? I am having the same issue (phone made calls after text). Has Samsung recommended any fix for this?


Go into settings and look for direct calling, it's a thing where if you turn the phone over or that while the messages is open it'll call them. 


I can't remember where it is exactly off hand, may be accessibility or advanced or something. 


But that's what's causing the problem




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