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Hi there I got my s9 and when I transferd all my files my some of music won't read by samsung music player after I downloaded it even googl play same thing ? And also when I download a new music it can player straight away after finishing the download but when I go to my songs list on both apps samsung and Google player I can't find them with my listed I tried to move them to different folders but still they can't appears on my lists music ?


Hi, i have set out below somethings that may work for you.


Try putting the music  in to the music file in your internal storage. It might not play because the music may be in the wrong folder.20180428_092952.jpg




It may also be that the music files are a unsupported file type/codec , make sure you all your software is up to date as updates usually fixes that kind of issue. That failing you can download a mp3 converter from the play store and try converting the music files or alternatively put the music files on to a PC and use an online converter then put them on to your phone.


I have included a picture of a converter from the play store, i have not tried it but the reviews seem promising. 20180428_093038.jpg


Hope this helps.

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