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Multi-window feature not available on S9+ pie update

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Very helpful 


Goodlock from samsung app store makes it a bit nicer but still not as sweet as oreo 

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Do you know how to do the video player thing? So when you re watching youtube and press the home screen it makes a small video player in the corner, super convenient. After the update Netflix and Hulu could do that too but like a day after the update they no longer could and I don't understand why. And no not the pop up window option because thats not the same. If anyone knows please reply

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Why they need to remove the multi window from new update 😑😑


@Danieleskildsen wrote:

Why they need to remove the multi window from new update 😑😑


It's still there, not as cool as oreo though 


You hit the bottom left button as usual then tap on the icon at the top of an app window. There you can select split screen etc. 

If you install g99dlock from galaxy apps you can do more options too

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I can't map Bixby for split screen. How did you do it?

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You need to download an app to do it like bxActions

They seem to be catering to the new "Samsung users," who are really iPhone fanboys/girls. We don't want half of the things they have given us in these updates, including those ugly buttons and accessibility. The whole thing is terrible.
Yep, it was a bit of an unnecessary change and isn't quite as fluid as it used to be.
They also got rid of the mini screen display for videos that I could easily move around the screen. Now everything is so complicated I hate it. I was literally just using the feature not 3 hours ago and I dont understand how it updated while I was still on my phone, I wanna unupdate my phone I hate it!!
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