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Motion Panorama gone from S9 after last update

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I was taking motion panorama pictures with my S9 but after the last update I am unable to do it, I can take a regular panorama picture but not with motion and the option is not there anymore, do you have any fix for this issue?

AndrewL Moderator
@Paolove: It appears that this feature has been removed in the Android Pie update and at present there is no news regarding its reinstatement. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause.
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Booo, I really liked that feature and it stopped working half way through my vacay. Was looking forward to viewing some of the panoramas I took and noticed they didnt save in that format. Why get rid of it? It's a great feature.

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I need it back! 

this is serious disappointment with Samsung!


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I can't believe they took this awesome feature from us! I can't wait until a new update that fixes this with priority!! 


I miss this as well. It was changed on the last Pie update, terrible!

Perhaps there is an app that does the same?

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Very disappointed,  this was an awesome feature and my whole family enjoyed the motion panarama pictures.  

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Totally!!! I've been looking for it! Why Samsung did that?! It's a great feature.



Way to screw up and ruin one of the best camera features. And why would it be removed if I may ask??? 

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