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Moisture in charger port

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So for the last few days Ive been getting the moisture in charger port error, however it seems to be a constant thing now.

The error will come up when my phone hasnt even been near any water, it will (eventually) go, plug my phone on charge and the error repapears or it charges for 5 minutes then gets the error again.

Is this something I will need to get Samsung to look at? Surely my device cannot have moisture in the port all the time when it's not even been near water?

It had the error last night, and still has it this morning, surely that's not right?

I have tried turning it off and on again, resetting it, booting into safe mode, all of which doesn't get rid of the error and it is driving me crazy!

Hi RainbowUnicorn
I had the same issue with my S8, to resolve it, i went into the USB settings by dialing*#0808# on the phone dial pad, and i clicked on MTP + ADB and then tapped on reboot.
This resolved the issue for me.

Let me know how this works for you. If not then might have to do a factory reset.
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Hi thanks for the suggestions, I done both the MTP + ADB reboot, same error, reset without restoring, error came up again, disappeared, plugged my charger in it charged for a split second then stops everytime I plug it in, it's the official charger that came with the phone and the same has also happened when I have used a friends USB C charger that came with their phone

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In that case, I'd recommend dropping by a Samsung Store to have your phone looked at.



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I was having same issue as well had it once today and once yesterday starting to annoy me never dropped phone in water or had any dust inside the charging port only seems last short while then disappears again. 


Hey @DaymienS! The moisture alert is a safety feature and should clear within 1-2 hours of leaving the port to dry naturally. Further info can be found here: If you're still having issues after following the steps provided, I'd recommend visiting a Support Centre for an engineer’s inspection. To find the closest Support Centre, please head to: Is there one close by? 

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