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Mirrorlink - s9+

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I am trying to use mirror link on my Galaxy s9+ but it doesnot work. More specificlly,  I connect the phone with usb cable to the car and the mirror link is shown on my phone display. In car display the connection is established but when I select any of the apps such as carmode, lg car mode, Sygic, RockScout, etc. I am getting following error: The app cannot be used while the vehicle is moving. However the car is stopped and even I tried it with engine off.

I tried the car with Galaxy note 9 and Iphone 6 and both are working fine.

I appreciate if you can assist me in this problem.

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I have the same problem on the S 10+

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Honestly, it didn't fix until I got new updates from Android. Then the problem never happened again.

However, try two things:
1. Put your handbrake on and check if the problem exists if yes go to step 2
2. Try to install AndroidAuto and use it instead of the mirror link



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Hello I use this thread for another S9+ and Mirrorlink issue. I use Sygic Car navigation in S9+. Connection via Mirrorlink is ok, but after voice from navigation, sound of tuner or media is lost. If I switch to radio and back to navigation, radio is back but after few seconds situasion is same, no sound. If I disconnect phone from Smartlink, sound is back self. Does anyone have any experience with this issue ?


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