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Messaging app top space

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Hi,  just got the s9 the other day,  I'm using the blue messaging app with the 3 dots in the icon and I'm getting annoyed at the large blank space at the top that says no unread messages.  I've searched and searched and can't seem to have it default to the conversations being the whole screen.  Any suggestions or other messaging apps appreciated.  I used the yellow one on my s7 but I can't find that in the app store. 

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Same boat with you here with the S10!!! Wasted space on top of the messaging app. It's version 10 on the S10. 

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Same here.  Give me the one from the s8+ back please!

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Are you referring to the top space where it says 'Messages'?

If so, the Android Pie update was designed like this for it to be used one handed, so you can reach the top conversation without having to reach to much, when you scroll down your list of conversations the large text will move to the top. 


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I replied to you in an email(that's how I recieved your message at first)but I'll post here as well. 


That's great and all that they did that for people that want to use it one handed.  However, even with my small hands, I have never had trouble using the old app one handed.  I realize they're trying to make things easier for "some" people but why not make it easy for "all" people and let you revert it back to the old style?   Not having options is just another way for elitists to force you to do what "they" want.  Some people may enjoy a stick in the eye.  Does that mean everyone should get a stick in the eye when they wake up every morning?  No thank you.  I'm trying to revert to an older version but it seems Samsung is refusing to let me install it so I'll be switching to a different app. It's too bad because I really liked the one from the S8+


Sorry if that became a rant but I've always hated when companies do things like this and call it an "improvement".  For who?

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Yes it's incredibly annoying,  I'd rather see more of my message conversations than that blank space. And so far I've not found a way to anchor the message conversations to the top.

Hate that white space. It has made me overlook some messages. Get rid of that and also bring back ability to use photo as background to messaging app!
That should definitely be an option in settings for people that may find it useful for one hand use of phone, but definitely It seems that many people do not like, want or need that white space! Another option that I would love to see come back is "background" in settings. I really liked having the option to use my own photo!
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Yes this is annoying. I hope they revert back.  It's so annoying I looked for a solution and found this posting 

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