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Media (video and images) pixelation or bad interpolation on S9 after Pie update, affecting multiple users

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I have this issue as well. Besides this, the blacks are really pixelated. Like the images are shown în 16 bits or something. Screenshot_20190508-213802_Spotify.jpg




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I got my note 8 yesterday and immediately saw the difference after I updated to pie. Seems like they don't care tho. 


I'm also having the same problems on my Galaxy s8 (G950FD) on pie since the april security patch, after I updated I instantly noticed some colours were kinda "washed out", colours that were darker became less darkers in system wide/apps, even dark mode was darker in some places before the update, twitch/youtube/instagram/streamings in general are getting pixelated on darkers areas even on the highest qualitys possible, even videos shot with the camera when I watch through the gallery if its darker in any spot is definitely noticiable the pixelating happening, I tried changing up screen modes from adaptive/cinema/basic and such, video enhancer and even resolution didnt made any difference, it was noticiable once I restarted the phone after this april update even that I thought I had did something wrong then searching found this thread and other ones of people with the same problems as mine wish it was reverted to before but doenst seems like its going to happen?

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Quicker I can get rid of this phone the better, it's like going back in time 7yrs. The video quality is absolutely awful. Trying to watch videos on Facebook YouTube etc pixelated. Samsung don't care though as long as they get their cash. I've been a loyal Samsung user for yrs but I'm definitely not having another one. Get the latest phone with 7yr old video rendering 😂 


I own Xiaomi Mi 9 (already has Android Pie), and the issue is present on that phone from the start.

I also own Samsung Galaxy S7, on Oreo, and doesn't have this issue, unless I switch from Default OpenGL to Skia in Developer Tools.

I also own Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 2018 LTE version. And I recently got notification that I can update it to Android Pie. I'm a little reluctant whether I really do want to update or not. I'm using tablet mostly as a multimedia device, and if it's going to render videos and images poorly, then it's going to defy it's very purpose.


I ran some tests, and I switched between Skia and OpenGL on my Tablet. Here are the results:

With Default OpenGL:


With Skia:


I'm very determined not to update my Tablet if it's going to display images like in the Skia examples above.


How come this issue has been ignored for so long? Is it ever going to be fixed? This issue makes Android Pie pretty much unusable in my opinion.


I eventually updated my tablet (Galaxy Tab A 10.5 2018), and it's not as bad as I thought, but not great either.

Twitch is working fine, but images on some apps are badly rendered (probably in places where they are scaled to fit):

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@ChrisW wrote:

Only workaround mentioned on the Android buganizer thread ( is to use a third-party app, which isn't ideal. Or install a third party ROM which lets you force an alternative OpenGL renderer.

Can you please tell me more about those "third party apps"? 

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Yeah same here guys Just got my note 10 plus and still the same issues Yall experiencing. I upgraded from my S9 plus, still so hoping they fix this soon in in the huge android 10 update coming soon.
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