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Manual macro focus problem


I have the Exynos S9+ and I use the camera a lot, especially macro shots in pro mode.

I have noticed that there is a few centimeters difference in the closest distance that the camera can focus between the manual and auto focus.


With the auto focus or 'tap to focus' I can get as close as about 5.5cm

With the manual focus when dragging the slider all the way down I can only get about 9cm (this distance should also be 5.5cm).


I know it doesnt seems much but when taking macro shots 9cm vs 5.5cm is a lot and it makes the manual focus useless for me.

I have tested this with a friends S8 and both its camera's auto and manual focus modes are having a good close focus distance of 5.5cm.


I have also posted this problem on reddit and it seems only the Exynos models are having this issue:


Hopfully someone from samsung can help with this.


Here are some images to show the problem:






Any response?




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Hi, having the same phone and same problem!

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Same Phone, same issue.

Seems like a software-problem to me, so it should be easy to fix and patch.


It indeed looks like a software bug. the problem is samsung are ignoring it, i guess because not enough peaple are complaining about it.


I reported about this bug with full details through the samsung members app a while ago and the response I got was that its "normal operation" which doesnt explain why the snapdragon s9 variant or the older s8 doesnt have this issue.

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Well at least i can help my self out by using 'Pro' Mode, setting everything to manual as i want and then using autofocus if want to shot very near objects. But it's so sad. The camera makes realy brilliant photos and is hold back by poor developed software.


Yeah, I'm using workarounds too. for example locking the exposure and focus when I want to have a very close macro.

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