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Low notification sound s9

My s9+ is the last samsung device I will ever buy. Cant believe they have not fixed this yet. My ring tones only play both speakers when phone is laying down. And notifications only play through both speakers when phone is connected to my bluetooth.
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Any updates on this.

Just got my upgrade 2 days ago to the S9 and I can barely hear notification :(


Nope Samsung are happy to just let the issue remain. Guess they hope we upgrade to an S10 when it’s out assuming they sort it.

Really annoying and will be my last Samsung after many years of being a Galaxy owner.


I copy the notiifcation sound to my PC, open up Audacity (free) and use the "Amplify" option to increase the volume of the notification, then copy it back to the phone

This works well and I have loud notifications again


Great tip that works as an interim fix - thanks.


But Samsung this does not let you off the hook - still one speaker output with external software required to reach a workable solution.


Dave - nice one and this will enable me to hear msgs now when outside!


Yep, not as good as Samsung actually fixing it, but the main aim is to not miss messages, so it'll do for now, hopefully Android Pie has the fix

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I'll try that as its driving me mad.

Could you please tell me step by step how to do this!



Open the audio file you want to use as notification in Audacity, you should see it now displayed as a wave form style wiggly lines, press Ctrl & A to select it all

Goto the Effects menu and select "Amplify" > Choose the desired amplification, I found checking the "Allow Clipping" and cranking it up fairly high works ok, but experiment with it yourself until you find a volume increase you like

Press OK and the go to the "File" menu and "Export", export as MP3, follow instructions to add the correct file to allow mp3 exporting, not sure if other formats will work, export it to your PC and then copy it back to the phone


In the message settings > notifications section, tell it to add from media and choose that file

Anyone know when android Pie hits samsung phones? That might have the fix, but I'm not holding my breath.
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Thanks, I'll try that. The battery is pretty poor too :(
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