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Lost pictures

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I tried to move my pics in one album specifically to my drive and now I can't find any. They aren't in my recycle bid/ trash and it's a whole vacation album. Please help I checked all the folders in my files and nothing :(

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I've had the same problem and it's never happened before!! What is going on?! Aah

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I still haven't gotten my pics back and noone from Samsung has reached out to me. ;(


Have you moved them to an SD card? 


I've seen a few posts regarding SD card problems 

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No I was moving them to Samsung cloud. But it never went  It isnt in any of my cloud aps or the sd card

AndrewL Moderator
@Elena0Maria: If you go to Apps > Samsung (Folder) > My Files > Images, are you able to see your pictures in this location? Similarly, if you go to Apps > Google (Folder ) > Photos, are the images archived here?
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unfortunatly no, since i realised i could not find the pictures, i checked all the folders in my files but no luck.. i even checked in my trashbin, but nothing either. it was a folder just with vacation pics :(


Did you look through that thread? Found these in there 



Screenshot_20190606-232037_Samsung Internet.jpg


Screenshot_20190606-232012_Samsung Internet.jpg


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