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Lost phone

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I recently lost my phone. I was able to recover, contacts, aps,  messages but could not get my photos.

Can anyone help me with this please?


Hi @Donnadeeee


Being able to recover some data means that you may have your photos backed up somewhere too! Have you backed up your phone using any of the methods on the following link? Some more information on back up and restore can be found here.


Hope this helps!



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Unfortunately  my photos weren't backed up to any of my cloud , which includes, Samsung, Google and drive , there is no photo tick option in the restore 

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Superuser I

If you didn't back them up then I'm afraid I think you'll already know the answer. 


As a learning curve I back my photos also to Dropbox. Everytime I take a photo it also gets saved in my online Dropbox Account. Maybe something to consider too. 



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