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I just switched from Apple and I want my notifications to pop up and light up on my phone while the screen is not on. Is this not possible with Android?? I think anyone that's used Apple knows what I'm talking about. For now, all I have is the always on display turned on and an icon appears but that's it. If it's not possible to have the notifications turn my screen on, is there another trick to make this more bearable?

AndrewL Moderator
Hi @Brinkman

To enable notifications on the lock screen of your phone please go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Notifications > On. At this screen, please ensure that 'Hide Content' and 'Notification Icons Only' are greyed out and turned off.

These settings are all currently correct but when notifications come through, my screen does not turn on to show me a preview of the notification.

AndrewL Moderator
The Always On Display essentially replaces the 'idle' screen and will show notification icons, however you are required to switch on the screen via the power button to access your lock screen and see the notification previews.

If I turn off the always on display and only have the lock screen, will that allow the notifications to turn the screen on without touching the phone or is this not a feature of android yet?

AndrewL Moderator
With Always ON Display disabled you will receive LED notifications and the accompanying tone/vibration however I'm not sure if the screen lights up. IF it does then it will only be for a short period when the notification is received, after which it will revert to a black screen.

Go to the settings of the application you want to see notification. Select the option of Pop Up Notifications, and select the option to show them when the screen is off. For example, that is an option in Whatsapp in Notification Settings, select Pop Up Notifications and then from the menu select Only When Screen is "off".

Whenver you get a message in Whatsapp, the screen will turn on and you will see the message and the option to type and text back.

Try it and let me know. 

First Poster

The same issue here too. Just bought the S9 after lifetime using iphone mobile devices. Have tried all the guiding lines given by the samsung community with zero results. The device will make a sound ,vibrate , the led light will blink but no notification on lock screen no-matter what i have tried.

1)Settings->Notifications on Home Screen->App Icon badges ON and All apps ON

2) Settings->Lock Screen and Security ->Notifications ON ,Hide Content OFF, Notifications icons only OFF, Where to show Lock screen and AOD

Its getting very frustrating and a big dissapointment for all the praise i have been hearing about samsung devices and android OS.

Something so basic for all IOS users.

If a moderatior from samsung is reading this, please sir /madam contribute to solving this issue.

I will be waiting for your respone.

S9 -64GB SM960F

Android version 8.0.0

Samsung experience version 9.0




That is really weird... I have the same configuration and I get all my notifications in lock screen. 

There must be something else in your phone preventing it.

Check the Advance settings in the Notifications option in the lock screen menu. Verify the apps you want to get notifications in the Lock Screen are selected. 

And yes, notification in Lock Screen is basic for Android Users, too, not just iOS. 


Go to Settings>Lock Screen & Security>Notifications>Advanced>Show Notifications From

The list there is not the same as the Home Screen notifications, so you have to select what apps you want notifications at the Lock Screen. 

An screenshot from my phone menu is attached. 

Hope that helps. SmartSelect_20181025-092056_Settings.jpgCheck the Advanced options below.


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