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Light spots in s9+ pictures

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Whenever I took pictures in night outside in a well lighted environment, all pictures have some light spots in them, seems to be the reflection of light sources.

It ruins every photo even those taken at normal angle. Can't use s9+ for pictures at night at all.

Issue occurring in both auto and pro mode.

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Even Iam facing the same problem, whenever I take pictures during the night.., there is a bright reflection of light in the pictures which is irrelavant.

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Its not a problem. Its called lens flare and its common in wide angle lens. Nothing to be bothered about. If it makes you feel light, it can be even seen in cinematic cameras.

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So sad, i just bought S9+ last monday and when I use camera, been seeing those light dots. I'm very amazed with the camera but with light dots, it felt me unease and thinking something on my phone has a problem. What did you do?
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Hey all!


Head over to the dial pad and type in *#0*# and select 'Mega Cam'. 

Do the light spots appear here?


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Havent tried it. My phone was still on samsung to check. But they email me now that its ok. No problem at all. Sucks. im not happy at all.
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hello i tried it out on the mega cam but also here i've had these appearing lights, what does this mean, is it broken?

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Yes, it does.

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Hi, I notice that one of the moderators asked about the *#0*# and mega camera. Unfortunately there is no follow up to this, possibly due to the delay in responses after the question. I have the same issue as the OP (and see the spots on megacamera) and am considering swapping over to the iphone XS as it's that annoying. Any evening, sunset shots are affected by this and it wasn't an issue with my old Samsung 7+. 

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