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Gister haalde ik mijn telefoon even uit zijn hoesje om hem even schoon te maken en toen viel mij op de zwarte lak laag van mijn s9 rond om los laat

Hebben hier meer mensrn last van

S9 is 1 jaar oud en al vanaf het begin in een orginele samsung alcantrana hoesje


You took your phone out of the protective cover and dropped it? I'm not sure if there is a question in there or if my translation screwed up. 


No i take it out of the case for cleaning it 

And then i sew that the black paint is coming off 


Hmm yes I had that issue with my old iPhone and I think it was a combination of the case getting loose over time and the dust causing it to slowly rub on the corners. My S9 has not done that yet but I havnt had it very long.

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