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Just got Pie Update in LATAM where is video recording in pro mode?

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I do use my S9 a lot to record videos as it is part of my work to edit and create content for social media and today i just got the Pie Update i was really excited the new User Interface is brilliant, the gestures are awesome!!


When it comes to the camera app it is snapier than before on Oreo Update but in Pro Shooting Mode it only allows me to take pictures, where is the video record option as well? I do love to record videos in manual since i have more control on focus and variable aperture, i've spent some good time trying to find it, i did check and the camera app is the latest one.


Where is this option?




I have been asking the same question to why there is no video record button in Pro mode for over a month now.

I have basically been ignored by Samsung.



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Oh gosh 1 month already? Will they bring this feature back again?


I really like my S9 since i bought two months ago and i've tried some apps that records manually but the camera's default UI is more intuitive and easy.


Gonna check out Oneplus 6T this week, it was one my options before considering the S9.


Thank you!

AndrewL Moderator
@V1nleds: I'm sorry to inform you that Pro Mode is not available when recording videos on the Android Pie update. We are listening to customer feedback, however at present there is no news about it being re-instated in a future update. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause.
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