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Is there a way to disable One UI?

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Seriously, what was Samsung thinking? I have loved every UI I've seen on a Galaxy... Until this point. It's always been angular, clean, and centered. That's what I like. Clean. Orderly. Aesthetically pleasing. With One UI, I feel like I've mistakenly turned on senior mode and everything is all edgeless safety notifications, huge round, ugly text, and giant blank areas wasting space... This needs to be revised. 

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Oh come on, at least give us our messaging colors and backgrounds back!!! This is terrible, I bought an Android because I wanted an Android, not a crApple iPhone. 


You could try installing third party launchers to make it more oreo like nova and try good lock 2019 to get some features back or just flash back using Odin it's what I did there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to show you how just make sure everything is backed up because it wipes your device browsers bookmarks are something you should back up and game data which can be a pain but it's doable.


I had the same problem. I didn't even want my Note 8 anymore. I found the (How To) video on YouTube.  I followed the steps and rolled back to Oreo with no problem at all. I can now enjoy the phone I originally purchased and not that ***** Samsung is trying to force on everyone.  Honestly makes me never want to purchase another Samsung device..

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This update sucks!! It changed my entire phone.  I tried to disable it and it screwed up the phone!!  

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