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Is it possible to change the background of messages?


Dude - this is a thousand dollar flagship phone  - why would u automatically assume these features are no longer available just because they arent immediately apparent to you.


To schedule a text msg, just click the plus sign next to the text box and choose "schedule" 

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Hi all,

Just thought I would give you all a quick update. We have passed this thread and all your feedback on to our Development Team. Hopefully we can get either a workaround or an update as soon as possible!


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actually it can be done. you have to use the samsung themes.


just did it on my new s9+


Most of us are well aware of themes but the general consensus is we would prefer not to have to completely change the look and feel of the entire OS just to get a different background on the messaging app. 


I only had the phone less than a day. And I have figured out how to schedule messages along with a number of other things. Overall the phone is great! However, you are still unable to have personalized backgrounds on your text messaging.

How did you schedule messages? as on my end that option seems to be removed from messages, cheers Ed
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Yes, please do!!!

It's just a money grab by samsung. They make you bleed to pay for a retardedly expensive phone and then they take away simple features that made your phone feel like yours (such as the aforementioned background to text messages) so they can force you to pay for themes that are fine to have but that I would never pay for because 10000000 other people have the same thing so it's not really mine. It's just like everyone elses. I like personalizing all of my backgrounds too but that's just one less I get to. Real disappointment.

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Thanks to all who recommended Verizon Messages.  It does work on Galaxy S9 with other carriers.  It's a good thing that they made messager so unappealing as I would have never found known about the Verizon Messages app.  Doesn't look like many people will be recommending the Galaxy S9 to their friends which could have been free advertising for the company.  

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On the latest update from Samsung they took away the option of background for messages as well and I have a Galaxy S7 so if anyone finds the solution please let me know

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