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Is Samsung ever going to release an update to overcome the s9's terrible batterylife?

Where are you located? I haven’t seen any update in october here in Belgium..
But you are on a s9+ aren’t you?
So true, Might have to switch to apple or a google pixel

In the UK



Sweden. Regular Exonys S9.


You might have to manually check for updates in the settings menu.


@zhead wrote:

Yh bro that is true, but those phones are brand new and all the apps havent been set up, my one is having those issues and is barely 2 months old, with apple phones their optimisation is so good that the battery isnt affected after only 2 months, at the start my one was doing like 7-8 hours now it barely manages 4 and a half.Samsung hardware has so much potential but their software is just *****e and lets it down.

This is bull****. Samsung phones have better battery life than iPhones.


Also Apple is not displaying correctly how iPhones and iPads battery percentage is dropping, just to falsely make people think iPhones have good battery life. This can also be seen in battery test videos on YouTube. At fist the iPhones barely register any battery percentage loss at all, and all of the sudden after 50% has been passed the battery percents drop like a falling stone.


My battery stats with the Exonys S9 from today: 30 hours standby and almost 6,5 hours of SOT.Screenshot_20181117-221449_Settings.jpg


You do realise you are using power saving mode right?

Yes? I activated it at 15%, which is the standard.

Then how are you getting such amazing battery life? :o
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