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Is Samsung ever going to release an update to overcome the s9's terrible batterylife?

39913144_511824565931169_3011229376843874304_n.jpg39924032_2168978556681056_5105820296435204096_n.jpgI was wondering if Samsung is ever going to give the s9 (exynos) an update, because I find it rather unacceptable that a 2018 flagship has a maximum of 4 hours and a half of screen on time..


4 and a half hours...

You're lucky.

Was just once tho, still pretty pathetic if you ask me


Yh absolutely terrible, hope they do something about it with the android 9 update otherwise might have to switch to apple, a bit ridiculous when a phone that has 2/3 of the battery capacity of the s9+, has a larger screen, faster proccesor, still manages to outperform the s9+ in terms of battery, talking about the iphone xs max.

Completely agree with you! I have heard that the xs max has incredible battery life, if they don’t do

something about it in the Upcoming update I’m switching to apple. Pretty ridiculous battery life for a phone that costs €700 new.


What are you expecting? 4-5 hours is awesome! My OnePlus 3 didn't get anything near that.


Go to YouTube and look at any battery comparison video between Samsung and Apple phones. Samsung phones always have the longer battery life.


Yeah... On Snapdragon 


Type in YouTube S9 exynos battery for a clearer picture.

4-5 hours is a rare, rare occasion, my experience was 2-3 and that was on the plus!

Go figure how the note9 only has 500mah more but more than doubled the screen time, in some cases tripling it


Exynos battery issues were all fixed with the October update. I easily get 4-5 hours of SOT with 30+ hours standby away from the charger.


Just Google it




My current battery stats and usage:Screenshot_20181117-092112_Settings.jpg

This is with the Exynos version. As I said awesome battery life. Much better than any iPhone or Oneplus device I have owned. 


Yh bro that is true, but those phones are brand new and all the apps havent been set up, my one is having those issues and is barely 2 months old, with apple phones their optimisation is so good that the battery isnt affected after only 2 months, at the start my one was doing like 7-8 hours now it barely manages 4 and a half.Samsung hardware has so much potential but their software is just *****e and lets it down.

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