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International vs UK S9

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Hi, I’m just wondering what’s the difference of an international s9 plus vs the UK version. The international version is a lot cheaper than the UK version on Amazon. Thinking of buying the international as it’s cheaper. Would I be missing out on anything? Would it work in the UK? Do major features work etc? 



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Hi @Jodster


The newer flag ship phones have region locks on them meaning at least a couple of 5 minute calls need to have been made on the phone in the country they are released in using a local SIM card to remove the region lock. 


If this isn't performed then there's a chance it won't accept your UK SIM card. 


Also in same cases Samsung Pay won't work on an imported phone. 


In some cases the Samsung 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty is dependent on where the phone was released. Ie regional. 


So it's best to check that if an issue occurs with the phone would you then be able to get service under the Manufacturing Warranty  !


In regards to Firmware Updates and Security Patch releases you'd be latched to waiting for that country to release the updates and not Samsung UK. 


Personally I'd look to pay that bit more and buy one in the UK. 


I wish you all the best.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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Samsung said the warranty would not be affected so you good on that and if its unlocked it should work but just double check with the supplier before. You won't miss out on much just some specific UK apps
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Wifi calling doesn't work. Only tried vodafone so far.

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how to find out differences in UK vs. asia phones ? some say uk has dual sim usage and asia has one if using  512gb of memory ?


Is frequencies the same ?


is the G 977 for  5G the same ?  Is there any models for  5G with dual sim slots and  512GB of ram.

For sure local dealers and resell shops have no idea what I' m talking about. All sell; and no support.



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