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Intermittent Blurry/Grainy screen on S9


Problem started occurring about 7-10 days ago, around the same time as latest firware upgrade, but unsure if related. Images through Photo lens also look blurry/grainy when problem occurs on handset display, and any photos taken during a blurry/grainy espisode are no good.

Confirm screen dislay is set to Adaptive (as suggested by Samsung care today) and I'm reluctant to reboot with default settings, unless absolutely necessay, so I'm raising the problem within the community. And suggestions for a fix?

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I have a very similar issue - from time to time, if I press the power button fast enough (but not too fast to activate the camera), screen becomes grainy with yellowish tint.  When I turn the screen off and don't touch the phone for a minute or so it becomes normal again.  It is such an abnoctious bug and I have no idea how to fix.


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