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Intermittent Bluetooth connection S9+

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Got my new S9+ and paired with my wife's fiat 500. The connection keeps dropping and it's really annoying for incoming calls etc. I've done all the usual factory reset,  clear bluetooth cache, wipe phone cache, reset bluetooth connections on car and phone, updated bluetooth software on car. I am stumped.


This is a great phone but am disappointed. My old S7 still works perfect.


I read somewhere that the S8 had similar problem and Samsung released a software patch.


Bah! Any suggestions please.


Hi, sorry not a fix but I have S8 and I have this issue, although I only notice it disconnecting from my gear but I'm finding its happening more especially after the latest update and it's getting really frustrating as it will vibrate that it's disconnected even when it's on DND. I hope you find a solution and I'd be interested in what the solution is


Have you considered that this may not be bluetooth? Maybe you just chat longer when in the car like us.

There are numerous reports of S9 calls going intermittently silent / dead for a few seconds and calls dropping on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 both in this forum and on tapatalk and elsewhere and this occurs on speaker, headphones or bluetooth or microphone:

if you download an App called : " Phone INFO *Samsung* " and post where and when the phone was manufactured, this may help narrow down if its certain batches: FYI, both my S9's were made in Korea in February 2018
Apparently about 50% of the S9's were made in Vietnam - not sure if they also have the problem.

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Same problem for me when streaming audio to my car



I wonder how many of these problems agree happening on the early pre order phones compared to the later released batch? I got my S9 Plus from Samsung on the normal release date. I haven't had any of the problems reported on here ( touch wood!). I've had my phone connected to my car for 3 hours continuously on  several trips and every day for shorter ones. Played music,  audio books, had texts read and made/received calls without any issue. So don't know if it's just luck or a bad batch? 


Well, for me I just changed my service provider.  It's using the "same network" however it's not  quite the same ...   

Note: No silences using Telstra SIM (Australia) but  ~6 second silences using SIMS from Telstra’s MVNO partners (piggyback service provider e.g. Aldimobile) – capped and limited 4G network: which Implies that the Israeli’s lawsuit is correct – an incompatibility with certain networks.


Yup, I get it when sending music to my BT headphones. It is like the  old days of listening to scratched vinyl. (that is 'records' for the young ones out there! :smileyembarrassed: )

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I have an intermittent connection to bluetooth headphones on my S9+.  Filed a warrantly claim and got the new phone today.  Still have the intermittent connection to the bluetooth headphones.  I turn my head and one side cuts out, even with the phone right in front of me.  This is the third set of bluetooth headsets/phones I have tried now.

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Had the same issue. Phone was new out of the box, connected it to car bluetooth and it was fine. I paired my phone to a bluetooth headphone and the issue started after. Unpaired the bluetooth headphone and the issue disappeared. Connected headphones again and issue was back in the car. Apparently, when you connect most bluetooth headphones or earbuds to the s9, the setting for bluetooth media volume sync automatically turns on. I searched online and found that this is a new setting that was added since the s8. It's supposed to sync the volume of the bluetooth device to the media volume of your phone. It seems this setting also comes up as culprit for bluetooth speakers not being loud enough.  Apparently , your car's bluetooth isn't capable of syncing with this feature. So all you have to do is connect  any bluetooth headphone or earbud you have paired to the phone and turn off the setting(bluetooth media volume sync)while connected to each headset. To turn the bluetooth media volume sync setting off, first connect a bluetooth headset,  go to bluetooth settings,  tap the 3 dots on the upper right hand conner and the setting should be there. Turn it off and repeat for any other paired bluetooth headsets. Then everything should be fine when you connect your car to bluetooth

Ps...the setting is only there when bluetooth is on.

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I have the exact same issue where BT will disconnect completely from my car to my S9+ for about 10 second whilst streaming audio. I've even watched the bluetooth logo disconnect and reconnect on the phone.  I have 7 other paired devices to my S9+ and none of them have issues with streaming - only the car.  


I followed DKM's suggestion above, removed all paired devices and paired my BT headphones and no issues with the connection and turned off volume sync. I thought it was a setting that had to be turned off on each device, but turns out you just disable it as a global setting. 


After this change, I unfortunately still have the issue only in my car's bluetooth - which drops out ONLY for streaming audio.  Phone calls via BT are completely unaffected.


The only way I have figured out to overcome this issue in my car, is to connect my S9+ through Android Auto and stream my music via Spotify within the app. 


Hoping for a solution soon!

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