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Indian Galaxy S8 in USA with H20 Wireless

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I have purchased S8 in India may2017 when it was launched. It work well in India with all networks sim jio, idea, airtel.. 


I have been to united states in 2017 and galaxy S8 worked well with matrix sim (from india). But I have moved to United States now and trying H20 Wireless SIM with my S8 and it doesnot work.


I have checked everything possible but not able to find solution. I called Samsung store they said LTE works with JIO sim only and not with USA sim. When I used H20 Wireless sim with iphone 5s, it woked like a charm. I am not able to understand what's the problem, samsung S8 phone model SM-G950FD that cost me around 75k(cost +screen replacement). 


I really want to figure it out, any help to use H20 Wireless with S8 G950FD would be appreciated. Or any other USA network career compatible with Indian S8.





TracyR Moderator

Hey @ManishV


I'd recommend contacting Samsung US Community for further help with this.



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