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IE issues and some sites showing as virused when there is no virus.

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Bough a new S9 Plus and I have two sites air con service london and rainforest matcha tea. And whenever  I check them on the phones internet explorer a bubble pops up  and navigates me somewhere else. Why is internet explorer sooooo virused? Some one let me know if there is like a built in adware blocker for IE. Crappy IE.




Them websites worked fine for me. 


Which way are you navigating to these websites are you using a book mark or typing in the address or clicking a google link ?


You could try:


Try deleting your privacy data and cookies and see if that helps,


Check and makesure your browser and OS is up to date.


Check and make sure your network or broad band provider are not blocking them pages for some uknown reason


Try unistalling and reinstalling your browser.


Check to see if you have any extensions enabled such as ad blocker or anti virus and add exceptions if they are blocking them pages.


If all that fails try using a different browser from the play store such as google chrome.


Hope this helps.

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