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I have made an petition to change the recent apps or possibly a revamp of the one UI!

Hi. I am a samsung galaxy s8 user. So i have a limited insight in the specific issues of other models. I have however noticed a large dissapointment inside alot of different forums im different websites. Some over hundreds of pages of complaints about the recent Samsung update to the whole phone interface.
I created this petition before i had an deeper insight of more of the issues and want to aim for a more widespread petition notice. My initial discription in the petition is limited however new added content or changes to the petition will be added in the updates in the petition. I am serious about this and i am going to keep this updated!
Hopefully as a community together we can lift our concerns untill they get noticed!
You may also share your concerns here and i will make sure to read them all and possibly add them to the updates in the petition.




Petition is here!

Petition to change ONE UI!
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