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I hate the update

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Please fix this. I got a galaxy phone because I HATE iPhone.  This is all bubbly and cant stand it. Revert or give us options...

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Hate this update...if I wanted iPhone I'd buy one...but I HATE them...why oh why have you done this😭😡😡

Totally agree...first thought I had when *trying* to use this thing was if I wanted an iPhone I would have bought one...but I didn't, I wanted a Samsung Android user experience and this effectively destroyed that even being a thing. Now it's just iPhone or this pseudo-iPhone droid situation that they've created and either deleted or hid?? Droid/Samsung features that had made me loyal...can't even find split screen...if they are going to force the iPhone user experience on me then I might as well go get an iPhone w/ the easy connection to other iPhone users and horrible user experience...really, really, REALLY don't like this update. My 1st Samsung community comment ever BTW, possibly the last since they are pushing us over to iPhone😔🤦🏾‍♀️
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