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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


Care to give out the steps required to do that little trick?  And what kind of phone did you do it on?

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The 4 was wonderful. No curved bs screen. Ir blaster, great size and comfort. Not heavy and it was durable. I still have mine. However, I will recommend the s5. Root it and buy a powerbear battery off amazon and now you overclock the processor which makes it a little warmer but but still runs very smooth and lasts all day. I'm over the new bells and whistles and screen notches and *****ty confusing software changes that weren't tested thoroughly.  You want to ***** someone off? Collect a thousand dollars for the product they bought and then change everything in a few months ,dont allow them to say no to the update. The s9 is probably my last samsung phone. You can get good enough basic phones now. 


Copy that, Evo.  I'm thinking you may be right on the s4.  I had a 3 for the longest time that I would have kept for maybe another year if the power jack handn't crapped out.  Couldn't even sweat a new one into place.  If it wasn't for 5G coming along, I'd probably do it tomorrow, just as a back up.

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