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I hate the new update for S9 - Android Pie


Okay, so after looking around a little bit I've come to the conclusion that we are not quite ready to switch.  The Pixel 3 and the OnePlus 7 Pro are two real Android contenders available today.  And if I had to buy now, I'd get the Pixel.  But, I actually reccommend hanging in there with the One UI kludge for another cycle with an eye out for these two phones' next iterations.

Why didn't u just roll back to oreo already? I did it 5 months ago! Lolz
You should roll back to oreo

Not everyone can, they changed they changed the bootloader so you'd have to root. 


I did mine way back at the start while it was still a 2 but if it's a 3 or higher you need root. 


The ***** changed the binary so can't roll back 😥

I feel your pain but yes you can! Just need to root first!

Best waiting till the warranty is up, just in case lol 


I mean, can you believe that?  Not only did Samsung mess my phone up and forget about me, they made it so I can't even correct their failures on my own.  They force me to accept their mistakes as my own.  What kind of public relations policy is that?  Pixel 4 is my next phone.

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I just  have try android Pie on my tab S3, but it was horrible.

Impossible to disable the dynamic wallpaper (the option was no longer available).
The wallpaper is more rude too. And the status bar is almost invisible (and the time on the left ...).
And most importantly, in charge, the screen displays non-stop percentages, and even after arriving at 100% stays on. Great the night ...

In short, I had to do a factory reset.

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Hi @Zelloss 


I would be happy to help you with this. Can you send me a message through our Samsung UK Community page, found here: with more information? What exactly issue are you experiencing with the wallpaper? Have you tried a different theme to solve the status bar visibility issue? 

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